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That was just a joke. But it turns out that it may not be too far off, considering that this next guy is a personal trainer by day and an escort by night. Was this guy an escort who decided to become a personal trainer or the other way around? I guess if you really think about it, being a personal trainer would be a great place to find business for your escort services. On the other hand, if you are a trainer and your clients want to sleep with you, becoming an escort makes the most sense. This next guy, however, is just such a total creep.

So the next time you have a session with your personal trainer, I suggest either one of two things. The first is warming up or stretching on your own time before the actual session. The second is to just not stretch.

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The fact that this next personal trainer is so proud of himself for not giving into his married clients seduction says a lot. And who wants to have to worry about trying to stay professional every time you have to do your job? This next confession is an all too common tale. Before, you could be suave and debonair, but now, when it counts, you have absolutely no game. However, once you are in a relationship, all girls want you.

I wish I knew the reasoning behind these things. In fact, I think it would have been more of a secret if this guy were to say that he actually has no interest in any of his clients.

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The real question here is if this trainer has acted on this secret desire of his. If this guy happens to have any married clients, I would tend to lean towards yes. Then again, for all I know, this guy could be one of the more professional ones.

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It's been months since you signed up for that gym membership, and yet here you know about the trainer's reputation and found out that he had been hooking up with someone else. . Have a story to share with Cracked?. The first whisper reads, "I hooked up with a guy I met at the gym The best thing ever was seeing " I just hooked up with my new gym trainer in his car.. It was.

I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I know I feel good when I workout, so I would imagine that it must feel even better when you help someone else work hard and get into shape. Everybody wants to feel good about themselves, right? If you are a personal trainer, your body is almost like your business card. That means that you have to be in really great shape to be taken seriously as a personal trainer. So if you are going to go through all of the hard work it takes to have a killer body, how could you not appreciate the flattering comments from people.

3 Personal Trainers Reveal How They Ended Up Having Sex With Their Clients

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We got caught by the husband.

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If you want to avoid temptation, there are different ways to go about it. These cookies track usage of the site for security, analytics and targeted advertising purposes. In fact, good luck doing anything at all with her without it making its way back to your sister. And I really have to respect this next guy for trying so hard to be professional. These companies may use information not including your name, address, email address or telephone number about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. Hey, they say you have to wipe only your sweat down after you're finished.

He wound up calling me up and crying like a baby, asking me to stay away from her. I don't feel bad about having had affairs with married women, because they were feeling neglected and they just wanted to be loved. One woman said to me her husband had never looked into her eyes when they made love. He couldn't have been that smart, because women love the eye contact. I come from a very passionate, Italian family. When I make love to a woman, I like to have spontaneous sex. I like to do it in the elevator, on the beach, underneath the table in the restaurant.

I like to make them feel young, mischievous, alive. If they can have a taste of it again, they can realize they haven't lost it.

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I'm 47 now, and over the years I've learned to watch out. I realized I couldn't be sleeping with everyone's wife in town. I was never paid for sex. I would never do it for that. Because for me it would ruin it. I like to make love to please someone. When they say, "I feel like a real woman again," it's the same thing as when I train them and they tell me how terrific they feel because they fit in clothes they haven't worn for 10 years. The high of training is the same high as making love.

I've written a screenplay about it all, called "The Trainer. We started a relationship but she broke it off because she was confused about her feelings. In the end, I lost her as a client but the best was yet to come There were other brief flings and there was an unforgettable experience the following year with a woman named Amy, who was blonde, 5ft 10in, with a good figure. Amy made it clear from the first that she liked me a lot. I'm a man and if I see an attractive woman is flirting with me, I'll play the game. She had a boyfriend but was very forward with me and we'd become good friends.

One day, she was doing sit-ups and I was holding out my arm to show her where she should move to. Her breasts were pushing against me as she sat up and we smiled because we were both enjoying it. Later, I had Amy doing kicks and I touched her legs, then moved my hand up.

People Are Doing It At Your Gym: 6 Personal Trainer Secrets

When she didn't give a damn, I knew her barriers were down. Amy told me her relationship with her boyfriend was bad and, joking, I asked: We were all over each other and had some great sessions. She kept calling me but I only wanted to have fun - if they got serious I didn't want to know. So in the end, I tried to put it in perspective for her by asking: I thought she was joking when she told me that she did indeed have a friend who could train with us.

It was too good to be true and I thought it was just her way of trying to keep me interested. But, sure enough, a week later she came over with Carmena, a Spanish brunette, armed with tequila and wine. They both drank a lot but I don't really drink. Then, when Amy left the room for a minute, I started cuddling Carmena.

When Amy came back she began fooling around with Carmena in front of me - and you can imagine the rest It was another experience I can cross off my list and would have loved to do it on a regular basis.