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9.18: New Matchmaking Chart

Banelord, on 27 December - Community Forum Software by IP.

Search Advanced Search section: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Niaro 1 Posted 23 December - Tanitha posted it over in the US Test forums but no one did it here so.. MushinLeonidas 2 Posted 23 December - Thank you for the trouble. Eyebot 3 Posted 23 December - So the Type gets to meet tier 9 meds and tier 10's.

Matchmaking Changes in Update 8.11

Might ease the pressure on the tier 5's. Tier 5 lights have a higher top tier than tier 6 lights? Joneleth 5 Posted 23 December - Sorry for the noobish question I was never interested into MM values before , but what does Battle Tiers 11,12,13 stand for exactly?

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Is it only for statistics and stats to increase MM value of some tanks? Oh, I understand now.

World of Tanks Weak Spots, Tank Guides, and Tips

Your MM have problem limit tank class what can enter in a battel, team match aka time to set filter like: Kieme 11 Posted 24 December - Quote How this works: Match-making system defines type and tier of every single vehicle. T - tier 7 heavy tank.

Towards the end of February patch 8. Along with these changes tier 10 tank destroyers were balanced nerfed and the profitability of many tanks was changed. Despite this it fell from 19 to 20 and threatened to be pushed off the chart completely in March. For a full list of 8. World of Tanks now had 1.

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April was a quite month for World of Tanks since patch 9. This patch introduced historical battles and removed confrontation battles.

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Along with these two changes to game modes HD models were introduced along with other graphic changes. Both historical battles and HD models would prove to be very problematic for Wargaming. Historical battles proved to be unpopular and within a few days the game mode was a barren wasteland while HD models caused performance issues with the majority of players. Despite the lack of new content since February 17th World of Tanks remained at the 12 spot and increased its share of the market to 1.

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Patch notes can be found here. World of Tanks snatched the 10 spot along with 1. In June the 9. No other huge changes were made and it is evident by the decline in World of Tanks on the chart.

World of Tanks fell from 10 and landed one spot lower at Patch notes for 9. July saw no new content in any form for World of Tanks and the result was disastrous for World of Tanks. The game continued its fall and landed 8 spots lower than the previous month at 19 and its market share plummeted from 1. Its clear that without new patches and content released that World of Tanks does not grow in size but rather bleeds players dramatically. August 4th patch 9. Along with these major changes several maps were reworked.